The “A” water source is the largest natural water stream flowing from the foothills of the Andes Mountains into Colico Lake in Chile. The site is in a uniquely balanced ecosystem located near the town of Cunco, 700 kms. south of Santiago. The source is within view of the Llaima Volcano

The ancestry of this region of southern Chile is traced back to the Mapuche People, known to live in harmony with the beauty, purity and abundance of nature. They named Colico Lake in their native language Agua Clara or Clear Water.

In 1912, the first settlers headed by Mrs. Amalia started using the spring to distribute water to the few households around

Don Pancho, a 96 year-old resident and still horse-back riding recalls: “When I was a child Mrs. Amalia was a good-doer and she defended and maintained the purity of our beautiful region. When she passed we decided to call the water source ‘Santa Amalia’ for all the good she had done and the legacy she has left to our families.”

In 1986 Luis Mayol acquired the largest water stream feeding the lake for use for his home. Amazed at its clearness and good taste, he had the water analyzed and found that he had one of the purest water sources he had ever tasted.

The purity and mineral balance of “A” Water (which has one of the lowest mineral content on the market) is sure to enhance your customer’s fine dining experience.

Today, “A” Water joins the exclusive list of authentic and quality food products from Chile.

The idea for the brand was inspired by an experienced team that has been in the trading business for many years, selec- ting and distributing fine wines and foods to prestigious establishments in all corners of the world.

For over 100 years the residents of a small community living in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Chile have been drinking amazingly pure water flowing from a natural spring in a uniquely balanced ecosystem.

Today, this water has been bottled and branded as “A”. The “A” stands for both Andes and Amalia, the woman who discovered the source in 1912.

Andes Mountain Water’s Softness and Low Minerality is great to facilitate digestion.
It is almost Soduim neutral, lowest in the World for Sparkling Waters
People living around the source are in exceptionally good health and have one of the longest life-span in Chile, we believe this is partly due to the water. (cf Don Pancho in the Facts Sheet)
Very soft & mild water, good to mix it with Fine Whisky & Teas, also due to its balanced pH (7.1)

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